I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. Pico G58

    SAME 3 years LATE XD

  2. Xango BABABOI

    Have nothing smart to say... So stay hydrated i guess.

  3. Piper Minecraft

    Me: Mummy buy me a TechnoPlane pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Logan Howe

    5 years later and im like rip club penguin


    after technoblade seeing technos video Wth i played with techoblade

  6. Pico G58

    his first mistake was trying to challenge me XD BRUH THE JOKES

  7. 45 Potato

    Technoplane, the aero angle of death. His team collectively took the lives of half the entire event. 116/220. Yes I am aware of respawns *but still*

  8. Asteroid

    The fact that a video of someone just clicking a mouse is this popular.....are people really that bored?

  9. Jeanne Calmels

    Why is this your most popular video 😂

  10. crazy donkey


  11. Justin Dunn

    You better then dream

  12. CARRYOP Boi

    I haven’t played minecraft much, but why is he using a wooden sword?

  13. Recruit


  14. Chat Baiter

    Imagine playing 1.7

  15. Můśhřøøm àñğļè


  16. ØutlineStatic

    and why is this on my recommended after 6 years.....

  17. super shocker04

    The first 2 game he got my dad on his team

  18. Bucket Of Head


  19. GetGravy

    techno really just finds ways to make other youtubers look like casuals

  20. kellan kenyon

    Playing with technoblade makes minecraft boring and pointless to play

  21. Rafael De La Cruz

    anybody see Technoblades the DORA´S cup in his desk?

  22. aestheticNUT

    (contains swearing)

  23. foxfernfire

    Imagine being so OP that literal legends fear you

  24. FoolishCobble

    Face Reveal?

  25. Liljxxx Kitchens

    You’re jealous that you’re just using auto clicker and you cut it out which I just saw the video because I just want to watch the video blade actually just be new but not showing with our Kroger but I’m not a fan of techno blade because he’s kind of a noob

  26. Parker Hanson-Szolga

    Technoblade: TECHNOPLANE Technoblade later: Guess what?! A TECHNOPLANE PLUSHIE

  27. samuel is a human

    did i just hear technoblade say baka help

  28. ItsMe_ Oblivion Sans

    If I'm being honest everyone here loves this part 10:31

  29. Not C R A F T M I N E

    4:10 this part almost made me cry 🥲🥲🥲

  30. mc bignutssouce

    Technoblade: IM NOT SCARED OF NO SLEEP. Sleep: :× OH SHI-

  31. Jortin


  32. DJ gaming

    Has anybody else noticed on Tommy's channel that he has 8 million techno only has 6 million

  33. Shadow 6165

    I like the suck it main character

  34. Francisca Parone

    Camouflage maybe is very old but still the best in hiding

  35. Craayan

    But did he know that 6 years in the future the account would be worth 20x the price

  36. Aizawa Shouta


  37. Joules


  38. Darylene Chan

    Techo the bù shí is actually wrong, its supposed to be bù yaò

  39. NotFamous

    Rip Pokecord

  40. Rexton Plays

    “Your sword is called the Orphan Obliterator?”

  41. Alex Hollowell

    Ranboo didn't know technoblade never dies

  42. Clown MC

    You know that your gonna get 1000 winstreak when your with this pig's game everytime

  43. wyatt butcher

    techno's really out here hitting mock 3 bruh

  44. Teenage Gamer

    Time for this to come back outta nowhere.

  45. Jack Wagner

    Techno you probably really regret showing your face on video a couple years ago

    1. Jack Wagner

      You’ve showed it three times

  46. Seek


  47. 3x3_is_nine

    You’re searching through the recent comments solider stay strong

  48. Angelcrack

    "Technoblade never dies" 0:35

  49. GamerKJ123

    When is the last time I have ever heard technos little sis

  50. Aaron Feinstein

    This vid could def get techno canceled

  51. Creeper_pro12 _

    *getting bored**of walls 2**I should find a new**minigame*

  52. Lazy

    7:12 LOLOLOLOL

  53. Mattatonix

    “I don’t want trouble” *Pulls out bow*

  54. Two socially awkward people

    You lack a soul good sir. *Terrifying*

  55. Maddmann49 Run

    Well mostly you do have a power techno that says techno blade never dies

  56. I7sJu5tR&0mn3s5

    Dat voice crack do

  57. ThatchBot

    When 1k damage was good

  58. Sazzara Scott

    Am I the only one who realized techno manhunt voice lol it's so deep.

  59. Scordevra

    "im out of arrows im so good" your out of arrows are you good?

  60. Kincade

    This but unironically

  61. loggy hindustani gamer

    I live in india but i like you . You are the best

  62. Suspicious Stew

    the start was so wholesome!!!!!!! ..and that dickhead of as player ruined it all

  63. Mc Hiro


  64. Akish

    “You imposter.” This video is 3 years ahead of its time.