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  1. OriginalFacelessGaming 69 (The legendary gamer)

    jarvis destroyed michael lee

  2. Fly_Yt_ _

    He took his hands off at 16.11 look at his hands

  3. ShAuN-Everything

    Are Hannah and jarvis even dating?

  4. Dizzy Clipx

    I wonder if Jarvis has actually Ben playing fortnite


    Yes yes

  6. SafcJack

    Who is here after Jarvis won a boxing fight 😳🥲🥲

  7. Blyss Mafo

    Qaaaa.. Wllsldldld “”””””

  8. Clixy

    I love the house it’s by the ocean! 👇

  9. Tracy Wood

    Hi sheesh

  10. SlipperyFish

    Mc Donalds life hack you can end world hunger

  11. JustCrypto

    Go to Mami BOYZ

  12. Sara Sherwood

    I liked & subed$$$$$$$$

  13. Nicholas Ezzat

    Ya Das cookin. Did y’all get so you can box frequently

  14. BradyTheGamer103

    Whne they went into Jarvis room they really thought

  15. Matthew Dodd


  16. Ahaan Dhingra

    This WAS CRAZY!

  17. ccK_meanvern11

    Move to cedar hill

  18. Edgar Rosales Vlogs

    Yes you should move

  19. Uriel Maximo Ocotoxtle

    Jesus loves you all

  20. Pickle Magic

    Jarvis almost caught lacking

  21. Ahaan Dhingra


  22. SynWaves

    Nae nae

  23. Peter Dellegrazie

    Hi hello


    He said that painting was Michael Jackson

  25. Cassie

    My guy only needed two rounds to put Michael in his place,GGs Jarvis!🥶

  26. TON3

    You guys pay so much money in rent to stay in the multi million dollar homes. By now you guys could've owned a multi million dollar house but You guys must like staying in other people's houses. Only your own houses so much more satisfying than renting someone else's

  27. MrWaterCITY

    Facts they should do it bruv :D

  28. TigeR

    Frazier the gate r lord which we all wish on india I m from india and a big fan of ur Left of it is lord ganesh and right one is loard laxmi

  29. Theseasonkiller LOL

    Jarvis got 1million dollars

  30. Dark Tryharzxy

    It’s a nice house faze kay

  31. Anabel Contreras

    Move too miami faze house

  32. LEGEND

    AM from India

    1. Smaran T A

      me too

  33. Ian

    Bro but his only 18 or 19 idk

  34. Peter Dellegrazie

    Hi hello

  35. BxS GGG

    Try Ocean Reef great place to live on Miami around Key Largo. Private island has its own golf course, airport, own sheriff , public safety, Ocean view, and much more. you won't regret it 🙏😎

  36. frxstz

    4:05 it landed in the spot

  37. arnav Salve

    Dang hype house would be pissed seeing this

  38. Rajat Kumar

    VIthrowrs thank me later, you may get free gems and gold for free at Gamecrook.

  39. Hussein Mohamed

    can i get an apple watch series 6

  40. VS Clan


  41. Hussein Mohamed

    yo stay in miami

  42. Chris Allen

    Wtf he predicted midas

  43. Zachary Niemann

    Florida so nice need to stop liberals from living their put them in shitty California

  44. MidNight

    Its sad that im the only person to comment in 2021😢

  45. Anthony Salazar

    That's not him

  46. Core

    Honestly would off got a car.

  47. Hybrid zBNE (Leader)

    U wrong for this one lol

  48. Qţíp

    I think u did a little to much reaction my g

  49. Ian’s random stuff

    Bro that’s the off brand Justin because its the Justin that tricked the internet

  50. NinjaVibesx


  51. Flix

    The fat pikachus are worth 2thousand

  52. Henry Torres

    You should move it’s lit 🔥

  53. lightviper_HD

    get caught in 4

  54. Xis

    Lmao 😂

  55. Jesus Sanchez

    Yoo Frazier’s laugh sounded like luigi in this vid lol just listen

  56. Alek MasterV2

    Man went from aim botting in fornite to aimbotting irl

    1. Cassie

      Yooo Jarvis your insane 😱🥳

  57. Tobias Sheehan

    you guys should move to miami

  58. Ar0na

    Was this filmed before the fight or after

  59. Roger Kucich


  60. Lukas Schrettner

    Next next year a faze private Jet 90Million dollars Next next next year the faze rocket ship 450million Next next next next year the faze Country 1billion Next centrie the faze Planet 875billion The next next next centrie the faze UNIVERSE 999DICCILION

  61. not_ majeed

    so sad for faze rug he rented a house in la for three months and now they are thinking moving to miami lmao 😂

  62. BuzzSky

    pls move there

  63. Vconix

    Who is here 1 year later 👁

  64. DN_ Glitch

    It’s a cool house and all but you Gotta make up your mind like how many times are you going to change the faze house

  65. Richard k Little

    Move to Miami the best place ever

  66. LadyEvil1969 Galindez

    Love your videos @FaZe Kay!

  67. Evy3lta

    Man where’s bugha

  68. Nereyda V

    Stay in Miami

  69. CR- Vrax

    Move to miami!

  70. zymo FN

    Move to Miami

  71. EvilSoldier761

    Nooooooo in LA pls

  72. Andres Rodriguez

    Good Flight jarves.i vote Michael Le

  73. sharon ramanadan

    Go to Miami

  74. The 3 geezers

    Was that Avani when Jarvis was training

  75. Its abdulrahman coming.

    Guys, i think they should move in do y’all agree?

  76. Logan Mahaffey


  77. Ayden Phelps

    He said there’s no evidence but he uploaded this video 😆😆

  78. Taylor Gamez

    He is not a fan he is a VIthrowr

  79. Yariel Santos

    Move to miami