1. bridge

    lmao the rendering doe do be clipping and flashing :flushed: but the songs good

  2. gnarly raptor

    the lyrics are sad but the music is so good

  3. hi 4nthony


  4. an original name

    normal pills lol

  5. 1 sᴜʙ ʙᴇꜰᴏʀᴇ 2022?

    I’m willing to be the animators spent more money on the shirt physics than the actual animation

  6. Julia Levin


  7. KillerM♡chi Cookie

    Releteable..here because a dude told me his favorite song is this

  8. SkyWolf Gaming League

    l feel bad for you dream the video right we dont know if your really are happy your mask might say happy but not your expresion

  9. CutieArmy

    This is so sad😢

  10. Sabrina Shah


  11. Raife

    im ashamed that this came out on my birthday

  12. Knox Thomson

    1:24 lol he is the one to talk

  13. Juancho Miguel Diwa DAGUCON


  14. itsthosehours

    this song is so good xd

    1. Omus wOOds


  15. Alex Anderson


  16. JRC 2020


  17. Ian Oraibi Voumard Bedoya

    you need better cgi

  18. Swishy

    The animator was probably bought off of Fiverr for 5$

  19. IceCreamSandwichInTheSand

    Dream makes a less than decent song: twitter: CANCELLED x3!1!!1

  20. Tree Daddy “da” Drake

    This sounds like the song a parent will show when someone asks them what is depression ngl

  21. ThatOneGuy

    Cocomelon called, it wants it’s animation back.

  22. Rotom Rights

    Y he Built like that

  23. A Wise Old Grandpa

    Idk if he is saying he has a mental issue with himself or he is just overacting

    1. Najeemthegamer

      I’m pretty sure he has one not sure tho lol

  24. curlesha nomel

    good song

  25. Terracove The reapper

    dream needs to learn that music comes from cords. all he does is talk and add an electronic tempo.

  26. ojeeh

    all jokes aside idk who sung this but they have a good voice

  27. bruh man


  28. jayden skittles

    if u look u can see he is on discord on one of the vc

  29. piece of trash


  30. NotEvenMe___


  31. obama the mama


  32. MooperissaWooper

    This is the effect Twitter has on humanity.

    1. Najeemthegamer

      * e x a c l t l y*

  33. alex_pesq

    3de dream scares me

  34. Breadman

    This couldn’t be any worse.

  35. makaila


  36. Aolani Puaa

    EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT REACTION AND RELATIONSHIP WITH MEDS. Please stop being rude , he’s trying to be vunrble and made a song bout his feelings and you make fun of him. Please stop

  37. Hood_George

    Why does this man look 15 then 20 in some scenes

  38. Conan (Bean)

    I've been told the lyrics to this song are different than this... hm......

  39. Jesse Lor

    So long Israel 2:30

  40. stop amogus

    Gay verson is better

  41. Mess Bukiyo~

    kids dont leave yours pills, if you have it its because you need them. thanks to read. hope you all better

  42. Just a normal alien

    is he okay? is this a cry for help or is this another ~sometimes i dont wanna be happy~

  43. kiana

    this is acc good what yall in

  44. Egg Dogg

    L fell off lol Lmao

  45. Capableangstyteen

    Dream singing the lyrics feels so out of place, stitched together, and feels like it has no flow at all, i dont know if its just me but i feel that its so much so that you can pretty much qualify this as a YTP

  46. obama the mama

    why are you a matress?

  47. MrMiniyo

    why is his dad a literal piece of paper

  48. Duck (Duck)

    this makes me want to throw a frag grenade into a room full of orphans

  49. silentlore

    Adhd was created due to overmedicated drugs. Dream is considered a drug to stans. Therefore dream causes adhd

  50. Unbreak Mercy


  51. my dad hits me

    Gotta love that artifact at 0:47

  52. LT 1234

    Did he say point of Damascus


    1:23 i would be running too if i see my classmates 2D

  54. Imperial Slayer

    This video is what happens when you don’t take your “normal” pills

  55. Mynameisirrelevant

    The animation makes me want to rip my eyes out, similar to how Dream's eyes were phasing through his eyelids in this animation.

  56. HiAn B28

    Low key listening to at 11 at night

    1. obama the mama

      lmao kids

  57. xookie

    this video is a gold mine for r/youngpeopleyoutube I swear lmfao

    1. squeezing the life out of the baby

      but its so relatable 😭 no one understands us quiet kids-

  58. Rachel !


  59. Chrono logical

    The visuals look so deplorable to the point it seems insulting us

  60. Sunny Draws

    Wait, this is so good iihgv

  61. Stupid Rat

    I learned a very strong lesson in this video, don't do anything about bad grades, instead sit on discord with a mask all day everyday and ignore my parents.

  62. Robert Mullings

    why you crying?????

  63. Robert Mullings

    purrr go off dream get it i guess

  64. Munch Muncki

    you don't have tricks we know you use sigama

  65. Kitokami

    You hear that kids? Throw away your pills and you'll be happy!

  66. Ashley Alvarado


  67. Cherry Tofu

    Ayo why his shirt got jiggle physics? This animation wonky as hell

  68. funky pedro (pedro epico ver.2)

    DuDe Is SoOoO gOoD hE dOeS nOt NeEd eYe HoLeS

  69. Ethan Z.

    I don’t suffer from sleep paralysis, but I now have an equal representation of one.. 👺

  70. binccco

    why are you so mattress

  71. Zachary Blank

    I feel bad for the animators, I’ve heard that they’re talented in other styles of animation but now this is in their repertoire. I don’t mind the song, it’s not great but it’s one of his first songs. I think the biggest problem with this music video is the visuals and animation, if he was sure about having this team animate it for him he should’ve had them do it in a different style that they’re better at.

  72. lulu

    why tho

  73. HARDIN Creations

    Why does this animation look like a Pixar mock-buster

  74. Brandon Hoffmann

    The person who approved this needs to be fired

    1. Sam Thomas


  75. MR Llama

    I’m scared of this song

  76. Brandon Hoffmann

    1:56 I'm dying

  77. Manuel Ilarragorri

    GrubHub multiverse?

  78. SlackSapper

    Why is the mouth constantly open like he’s gritting his teeth or smiling like a psychopath