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  1. Satwik plays

    John - I am captain America Steve Rogers - *are you challenging me*

  2. XvZGhost

    Is this marvel tldr but worse

  3. Rene Fermin Perez Galan

    could be very good.

  4. ButterBoi

    This is classical marvel. A villain gotta dance

  5. Otis1Son

    Sam when Karli blows up a building full of people and threatens his family: I’ll just talk to her, she’s still good Sam when John kills a guy partially responsible for the death of his best friend: LET’S END THIS 😤

  6. Sara Pecha

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the video, but what if there was a show about the time between when Captain America went back in time and stayed in Endgame and when he gave Sam the shield in Endgame. Something juicy had to have happened.

  7. Noone2007

    Top 5 people who can kill Thanos in seconds: 1:

  8. CharlieNiner

    Walker: you don't want to do this Bucky: yeah we do Sam: we can do this all day

  9. Car's Racing World

    only two episodes? I am the biggest marvel fan. keep this series long ( pls )

  10. mathews p jose

    oh my god jim hopper are you here mate, eleven and others are worried about .bu wait last time i saw you in Russia .oh god i am confused

  11. NoImNotAlan

    just a possibility John: "You don't want to do this." Bucky: "Yeah we do..." John: "ok" *Hands over the shield

  12. Shahn Jake

    Would love, if this was his victory dance at the end of the show.

  13. La Pom

    Steve: "I can do this all day" Walker: "They were'nt even super soldier" *after being bit down*

  14. Joshua

    How is this so good?!?!?!? Why can’t I look away? But more importantly why can’t I stop dancing like Zemo

  15. Deepak Thapa

    Walker a true soldier

  16. criztopher avila


  17. Ben Barlow

    Does anyone know what the song is called or who the DJ is?

  18. Timothy Darang

    We live in a time where we hate Cap and like Zemo.

  19. Dheeraj Raghuwanshi

    John Walker:NOT OUR CAPTAIN🙄

  20. CaTa MorCru

    I will miss this show a lot, it was a magnificent experience. Such a good start for the fase 4 of the MCU.


    In whole MCU history there was not a drop of blood on shield and this john walker did that by killing with shield

  22. Zak Farmer

    Friday can't come fast enough.

  23. HungHung

    Last episode was a big turning point

  24. Hihija Grz

    How is there only 2 episodes left and they still don't have the shield

  25. BasedEdward

    Can we all just be nice to Wyatt Russell please.

  26. Jordan Harris

    11:49 and some people wish for money, Love, and a pony 🐴

  27. Kathykx Z

    Thank you marvel , but now release the therapy scene Gag Reel

  28. Ruben

    Russel is doing such an amazing job playing as John Walker. It’s a shame that I [email protected]$*ing hate the new Captain America.

  29. Sebastián Oropeza Arciénega

    Daniel Bruhl: There is more footage of me doing an improvised dance 5 MILLION PEOPLE: Show me

  30. betrraga geimer

    Doctor: you have one hour of life Me:

  31. Luis Suarez

    Alguien me podria decir como se llama el actor del capitan america gracias!

  32. clement watt

    "Yea we do"

  33. Yudi Gunawan

    Still there any surprise in this series?

  34. CultureSupplier

    6 episodes??? Let me get the math straight... Wandavision: 9 episodes Falcon and Winter Soldier: 6 episodes Loki: 3 episodes????? Did Disney cut the budget or... what am I missing?

    1. uncanny dcmarvelous

      Loki will also have 6 episides. The What If...? animated miniseries will have 10 episodes.

    2. CultureSupplier

      This current series should have been a movie because 6 episodes is just foolish. We didn't need none of the scenes of Bucky and the therapist or Sam with that young military guy and first scene chasing batroc(although that was visually cool). Along with other scenes that weren't actually needed to drive the story forward. This should be a movie with like a 2 hour runtime

  35. A Million Of Dreams

    John walker loving character

  36. Cade Maddox

    Anyone a John walker fan?

  37. Eric Pineda

    The best thing to possibly exist in all history of humanity existence

  38. Judeus Samson

    I hope we really do get a Sam & Bucky vs Captain America fight

  39. Antibiotic Prisoner

    Thus we can confirm watt rysell is the flag smashers leader boooyah .....!!!😜

  40. Chetanya Madhav

    All the things aside- "Can he do this all day"?

  41. Kelsey Stone

    I hate the new captain love Sam and Bucky

  42. Sienna B

    this is what people really mean when they tell you to stick up for your friends

  43. Judeus Samson

    I hope we really do get a Sam & Bucky vs Captain America fight

  44. Alaina Mitchell

    Bucky wants all the SMOKE

  45. David Rafael

    My God, they really make zemo dance into 1 hour videos

  46. m9ch15l

    What???? ONLY 2! !????!!? :(

  47. Alif Al Fahim

    We need a flying Captain America.

  48. MrChocoMonsters

    O:28 new shield?

  49. Blue

    Zemo got da moves

  50. Mena Skywalker

    Dude episode 4 got gooood

  51. Cymon3.0


  52. Nerdialismo404

    Please let him survive, we need more John Walker.

  53. Sagarika Sahana

    Why did you have to remind me that there's only 2 episodes left? Now I am sad 🥺😭

  54. Ty Son

    They finna jump that boy onto the Avengers

  55. Thysson Krupp

    My boys bouta snatch that shield!

  56. adam _____archer_____

    WHY do they keep being mini series? I need multiple seasons of this 😩

  57. Edric Chang

    I remember watching my science teacher popping this trailer onto the projector during lunch 2 years ago, all my friends and classmates had gathered around to watch it... it was beautiful

  58. Sarath Jayavel

    I saw some comments saying Steve spared Tony's life in Civil war and Walker killed the guy..The fact is Steve and Tony are friends and either of them didn't tried to kill each other.. Do you think captain America is overpowered than Ironman?? because I see once he beat Hulk with hulkbuster suit.. But super soldiers die if we put bullet into their head...I hope John wick will handle super soldiers 😁

  59. asa

    anyone who says they are captain America is not captain America

  60. Brent Aiken

    What if the big cameo next episode is Chadwick in his final appearance as T’Challa/Black Panther? That would be so awesome!

  61. Pahadi Central

    The other day I was telling my sister that "I have kindda started loving the character of...." & my sister completed my sentence saying "Zemo. Yes, even I love that character". And I was like " NO, I'm talking about John Walker."

  62. Brent Aiken

    Imagine if the big cameo next episode is Chadwick in his final appearance as T’Challa/ Black Panther either helping Bucky and Sam fight John or telling Ayo and the Dora Milaje to stop hunting Zemo.

  63. alxestar

    My god Bucky. That last line. Only 2 episódios leer. This was so short T.T I need moreee.

  64. Art3mis

    Sam Wilson is a blessing, can I just say that?

  65. brenda 95



    Best marvel movie

  67. klloyd plata

    There are so many good Super-soldiers for example, Captain America, Wonder Man, Deadpool, James Bourne aka Solo, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Wolverine, and many more.

  68. Interstellar Radio

    He is vibing tho.

  69. Brent Aiken

    John: You don’t want to do this. Bucky: Yeah, we do. Ayo: (walks out from the shadows) Give these men the shield.

  70. klloyd plata

    Does Zemo thinks when he destroy all of the Super-soldier serums, Super-soldiers are gone? Nope, there is more than one Super-soldier serum Superheroes.

  71. 올리브 치아바타

    Now it's not.

  72. ascended savage

    Lowkey forgot about this show

  73. Pahadi Central

    Wyatt Russell is so good portraying John Walker that people have actually started hating him. This is how good the guy is at his job.

  74. marga dewa


  75. Hemon Biswas

    0:30 the shield is different ??

  76. Erob

    So next episode they'll fight John Walker to get the shield

  77. Crazy_Chris16

    “Yeah we do” I’m excited for all of us !!!!!

  78. Derek Pilgrim

    Bucky Been waiting to say that. All season Long

  79. Carter Luczywo

    Wyatt Russel plays John walker so well, he should receive some sort of reward but instead he’s receiving death threats and hate we need to stop this hate the character not the actor

  80. Carlos Parga

    After watching this, I wonder how Marvel Studios is going to do Secret Wars? or Introduce Galactus, Silver Surfer or even God Emperor Doom?