WENDY 웬디 'Like Water' MV


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    WENDY's 1st Mini Album "Like Water" is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/WENDY_LIKEWATER
    💧'When This Rain Stops' Live Video: vithrow.info/round/qdCgsYqVlrqr0os/video
    01 When This Rain Stops
    02 Like Water
    03 Why Can't You Love Me?
    04 초행길 (The Road)
    05 Best Friend (with SEULGI)
    WENDY Official
    #WENDY​ #웬디​ #Like_Water
    WENDY 웬디 'Like Water' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. Marina leffy

      99% luvies will agree, RV are free therapy.

    2. Sunita Thebe


    3. thank you and bye

      i love this WENDY great song !!!

    4. Lela M


    5. Aliya

      My love is like water\

    6. rage ;-;

      Everything will be fine🥺

    7. 쫑댁알


    8. Tân Giáp

      I love Wendy's voice.

    9. S.P

      Stre@m Psycho in between of Monster and Like water luvies❤️

    10. atika fitri

      Abis nonton Hot Sauce NCT Dream mampir disini duluu utk Mama wendy luv luv

    11. S.P

      Watching old covers by wendy then listening to like water album😭She really deserved this solo debut but with more promotion😢I hope SM give many songs to Wendy like Taeyeon,everyone should know Wendy,her beauty inside and out,and her variety talents💙

    12. S.P

      Like water ~> 20 M Fighting!💙

    13. Eryn K


    14. Red Velvet

      Ayooo kencengin streaming nyaa reveluv

    15. Bhargavi Minchu

      Her vocal is everything ❤️

    16. stfu haters

      I just wanna thank you for believing in me

    17. luvsyw

      always loved Wendy💗

    18. Cua và Sâu

      Love Wendy

    19. thank you and bye

      Wendy fighting

    20. AGC kpop

      11.2 M

    21. Lejan Pangilinan

      Today is May 11, 2021. 2PM PST. I am here again ‘coz I need Wendy’s voice to make me calm and relaxed. See you tomorrow!

    22. NCTzen Boom Boy

      This is like free theraphy tho...

    23. baebyshoney

      11,294,117 05/11/21 402

    24. ジスキム

    25. Mariel Mirafuentes

      Your voice washed all my worries and problems away. Thankyou! ILY 5EVER💗💛💙💚💜

    26. Up 24

      Thanks to Wen-angel for giving us enough water

    27. Mariel Mirafuentes

      Ilysm SHON WENDY💙

    28. Bella lalalalala

      come for healing again, wendyyy

    29. jun jun

      like wendy hahaha

    30. Veronika Letsoin

      Wendy voice is the best,wendy is the best vokal,fighting Wendy unnie,saranghae❤




      11 291M


      Str3am like water + monster

    34. Aurora

      Love you Queen

    35. allok dallok

      I need water because of the hot sauce

    36. allok dallok

      Parang tubig

    37. Yulitza Gómez


    38. Leddeubelbet is my name

      +66,171vi3ws (5/10/21 - 5/11/21)

      1. Leddeubelbet is my name

        🔺6k views compare yesterday.

    39. lemonxde wendy

      Always drink water

    40. BloomZen Peach

      Here i am.. after watched NCT - Hot Sauce ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      1. stfu haters

        Thank you so much ^^ We'll streaming hot sauce too... Congratulations for 27M by now! Let's go to 30M!! Fighting ^^

    41. BloomZen Peach


    42. riffgroove

      Stay hydrated, Luvvies. 💙

    43. Sm Perfect

      웬디 언니!!!! You are my inspiration, i love your talent, voice, beauty inside and outside. 사랑해 웬디 언니!!!!! (D5)

    44. H.E.X K-pop

      *Since Hot Sauce is so spicy i am here for some Water :^)*

      1. stfu haters

        Thank you so much ^^ We’ll str3aming Hot Sauce too! Congratulations for 27M by now! Let's go to 30M Vi3ws!!

      2. Up 24

        since mark our personal chef, the amount of water we need phew

    45. H.E.X K-pop

      Here after Hot Sauce! SM fam Fighting! ♡

    46. H.E.X K-pop

      *Our precious Mermaid!*

    47. guadabren visaya

      guyss!! let's keep watching so that the views will get higher

    48. life maze

      Who allow her to be woderful like this

    49. Shivangi Saini

      Haters opinion doesn't make any sense to us , so ignore them.

    50. Bren St

      Everything will be fine, Wendy

    51. Bren St

      Always like water

    52. Bren St

      I need you to hold meeee

    53. Bren St

      I can feel your pain too

    54. Bren St

      I want you to love meeeee

    55. Bren St

      Thank you for doing this album for us

    56. Marina leffy

      Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong, Stan Red Velvet

    57. Bren St

      You keep me alive, wendyyy

    58. Bren St

      Wendy looks so stunning there

    59. Bren St

      My love is like water

    60. Mariel Tanyag

      11.3 today pleaseee

    61. Kemyl Sese


    62. Gilbert Javier

      is it just me, or she does not look like wendy to me haha did she have surgery on lips or nose?

      1. Gilbert Javier

        @BloomZen Peach don't worry coz i love wendy, im just asking if there's something new to her that i missed

      2. BloomZen Peach

        You can search it why Wendy face like this on internet.. There's an accident that make Wendy must change her face a lil bit, it's medical things. Please don't make her face to a jokes or something else. Thank you.

      3. riffgroove

        She looks the same to me, and I've been staring at her every day for the last 4 and a half years.

    63. 쫑댁알


    64. 상미


    65. Delight


    66. Haqiem Danial

      Nae eokkaee gidae Nuneul gamado dwae Haetsareun ne nunsseobe Naeryeoanjatgo Yeah Gipeun jami deureodo Natseon gonggiga nal kkaewo Urin daeum yeogeseo Deudieo boge doel geoya Mannage doel geoya Kkumeseocheoreom geurim gata Gajang areumdaun sesangeun My love is like water Ne apeun goseul chaeuneun Paein sangcheodeureul gamssago Kkok anajwo Neol dasi ireonage hae I need you to hold me Jeonghaejyeoisseo urin Seoro deo chaewojugo todangnyeo Neol natge hae Like water water Nal saraitge hae Yeah Neoraneun uimi I know And I just wanna thank you for Believing in me Buseojineun deut morachyeodo Padon eoneusae badaui pumeuro I girui kkeuchiran unmyeongcheoreom Modu nege heureugo isseo I want you to love me Ne apeum nado neukkyeojyeo Puk paein sangcheodeureul gamssago Anajulge Neol dasi ireonage hae I need you to hold me Jeonghaejyeoisseo urin Seoro deo chaewojugo todangnyeo Neol natge hae Always like water Neon nareul bichune Like you're water to me Nega nun tteul ttaejjeumen Da gwaenchaneul geoya

    67. Putri Aulia Nurdianti


    68. stfu haters

      Like you're water to me

    69. stfu haters

      You shine upon me

    70. stfu haters

      Always like water

    71. stfu haters

      It makes you rise again

    72. stfu haters

      I can feel your pain too

    73. stfu haters

      I want you to love me

    74. stfu haters

      And I just wanna thank you for believing me

    75. stfu haters

      You keep me alive, Yeah

    76. stfu haters

      Like water water

    77. stfu haters

      It makes you rise again

    78. stfu haters

      It covers the deep wounds

    79. stfu haters

      My love is like water

    80. stfu haters

      The most beautiful world

    81. stfu haters

      At the next station

    82. stfu haters

      The sunglight has set

    83. stfu haters

      You can close your eyes

    84. stfu haters

      Lean on my shoulder

    85. andi firdaus m. jaya


    86. yunita

      Never be enaough?

    87. joyjoe29

      Such a beautiful song...sung so beautifully...by a beautiful woman...thank you Wendy, your MV is gorgeous.

    88. lemonxde wendy

      Views moving slow

    89. Mary Grace De Lima

      After hot sauce, I am here supporting two of my faves 😂

    90. Mary Grace De Lima

      Here I am again

    91. Elif

      Bu ne güzellik ama ya

    92. Elif

      Wendy aşkm yine yapmış yapacağını

    93. JA

      Wendy So Beutiful In This MV

    94. nira`♡

      aci cekmemi istiyorlar

      1. nira`♡

        istediginizi aldiniz oyleyse :)

    95. Marie Mali Tao

      That hater doesn't deserve any attention anymore. Stop replying on him. His attention deprived at home that is why he seeks attention here. He also told everyone he has two heads so my conclusion he use his 99.99% on his **** and 00.01% on his brain so be wise.

    96. nira`♡

      hatta ben, hicbir seye layik degilim cunku iyi birisi degilim

    97. nira`♡

      tam sevmeye baslamisken vagzectim

    98. nira`♡

      ama kendimi sevmiyorum

    99. nira`♡

      yalnizligim ve ben, basbasayiz..

    100. nira`♡

      agladim cok fazla