I spent a day with DREAM


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    I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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    ▸ MINECRAFTERS (TommyInnit, Ranboo, Nihachu) - vithrow.info/round/lJ58z3KHrr1lt3s/video
    ▸ CORPSE HUSBAND - vithrow.info/round/nbVosZaJfNhj2GY/video
    ▸ LEGENDARY VIthrowRS (PewDiePie, MrBeast, HolaSoyGErman) - vithrow.info/round/nct8moSoi692rIs/video


    ▸ Creator, Director, Writer, etc. - Anthony Padilla
    ▸ Executive Producer - Alessandra Catanese
    ▸ Production Coordinator, Co-writer \u0026 Research - Elise Felber
    ▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
    ▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna AKA Mork Crispy
    ▸ Assistant Editor - Patrick Horba
    ▸ Post PA / Assistant Editor - Ash Duckworth
    ▸ Sound Editor - Gareth Hird

    🎵Theme Music Composer - Matt Good AKA The King of Emo
    🖼Portrait painted by: Rhianna Robles - zerogattsu

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    1. Dream

      this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

      1. Cade Tyerman

        hi dream im big fan

      2. zetsu


      3. Ander Sandoval Gutierrez

        Dream looks like the mona Lisa

      4. Poke Ved


      5. Lincoln and Jackson time


    2. GeckoLettuce 1

      Anthony. Did you really leave SMOSH?

    3. ALEXA :3


    4. nut pic gaming


    5. Haden Clark

      I know who he is he is all over unspeakable tick tock

    6. Mischief

      I don’t like how the masks eyes blink at 2:35

    7. Dark_Fox

      Dream is the Best VIthrowr.

    8. Duane Mcginn

      Hi dream

    9. Spoodzz

      Only ogs know Smosh :[

    10. RummyRummyJoe

      I have trouble in school a lot same like dream.

    11. Rama Bhattacharyya

      Nobody- ANYONE AT ALL- Anthony- Guys I haven't peed in 👑7 days 👑

    12. Anxion

      Anthony I’ve know you’ve for about 7 years dude and your a og interviewing a dumb dude

    13. Arth Sharma

      Dream is edited in this video

    14. RoarinEevee

      Omg you are so lucky I am the dream teams biggest fan

    15. X 3000

      Yeah this is 24 min not 24 hours

    16. Larko

      I literally thought that was real, that’s insanely good animation.

    17. Ultimatelazy


    18. rachel milton

      Show ur faceeeeee

    19. Sufyan Salman


    20. mary strange

      Hi dream

    21. 64k_Lone Devil

      The first time I watched this it was like 2AM and I literally thought the animation was real I nearly screamed and I was like “OH MY GOD ITS HIM!!” Turns out it’s not 😂

    22. TheViolenceHasEscalated

      mate dream animated

    23. Manas Pachchigar

      Is this dream real ??

    24. Keroni Lollia

      New vid for dream: today I beat Corona in a speed run

    25. Minh An

      When he do taht he driveling me crazy

    26. Minh An

      I’m hate dream jk I don’t like yiu VIthrow dream

    27. _Amberflame_

      took me a second to realize that was art

    28. Arye

      I'm glad Dream is fat! 😭

    29. Conrad De La Torres

      I agree

    30. Jammy

      cool animation

    31. Aria_Bubbles c(^w^c)

      how is his mask moving O-O

    32. Zoro♡

      hey anthony do you miss ian

    33. Jennifer Langley

      Is it a mask or fake mask

    34. sokin jon

      Since this is animated Anthony is just talking to air

    35. turt


    36. Thiago Q

      Holy shit 8.6k dislikes

      1. sokin jon

        Ha! I love how he's miming listening to an actual person sitting across him but in reality is just talking to dream through his airpods!

    37. AsimOnly

      its not real dream body its cgi dont think this video is fake they kept cgi to not let know to show dream face reveal or body

    38. AcakingOfficial

      I spent a night in a dream


      Nobody Literally nobody Dream- Doesn't move an inch while the whole conversation except his face

    40. Rain Gaming

      Dream manhunts in short:Dream and friends travel the Minecraft earth

    41. Ashraya's Gaming

      It took me half a video to realize Anthony was talking to empty chair 😂😂

    42. Amber Dean

      The pastoral suit enthrallingly report because pheasant morphometrically complain at a craven permission. damp, highfalutin doctor

    43. Arkyn Jadz Cabrera

      Hey Anthony why did u leave Smosh?

    44. Master Bakalov


    45. iñaki iñigo Del Rosario

      I finnaly found u anthony..

    46. GeneMaybeProbably


    47. Charles☑

      You could've just ripped hes mask off for big content

    48. Pepper Pepper

      Dream looks like clay.!.!. Haha

    49. Donita Karst

      The annoying bathtub particularly handle because credit cellularly manage pace a brawny brake. deranged, thinkable glove

    50. ShadowGacha_123

      DReam needs to do a face revel but ik if he doesnt want to .

    51. Hamdan Mahmood

      Ha! I love how he's miming listening to an actual person sitting across him but in reality is just talking to dream through his airpods!

    52. JustDom

      This video has more views that your subscriber count bro

    53. Half lemon

      This a real Dream I thought….but the animations are awesome!

    54. Zenuko Wetod

      nice knowing he still makes good content

    55. No Ur not

      Bro dream looks animated and he hasn’t moved not one but in 8 minutes of the video

    56. Lance Gabriel C. Sanone

      wait so anthony padilla knows the face of dream?

    57. Helena Howard

      Is dream just drawn on or what I'm confused

    58. christian roy gamatero

      omg hi dream can you 1v1 me cuz im a big fan

    59. Nicholas Michael Lin

      wathe is dream nubernnnnfor caling dream

    60. EmeraldGuardian

      fakefakefakefakefake stop doing fake

    61. I.am. AMEER

      I knew this human bieng is crazy intelligent🙋🙋 20:02

    62. Deirdre Oneill

      This is fack

    63. Jude The Dude

      Aye dat not him it fake

    64. I.am. AMEER

      Classic dream 6:40

    65. martha W

      I LIKE TOMMY MOR THAN YOU DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STILL THINK YOU ARE OK...


      Can I join you in Minecraft p!s

    67. martha W

      I LIKE TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THAN YOU DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please reply BC I still like you...

    68. Adrianna _Abbott

      “Hannah Montana” 😂

    69. XmooCow

      Yeah dream sound real but why the face ls not real?

    70. Johanna Rodriguez


    71. BradGotLost

      So.. dream here is animated right?

    72. frikaze11

      Cool mask dream you can do eye brow work (or something) while using mask

    73. Deena and Jude’s gaming channel

      So much fun !

    74. Димитър Томов

      why dream is drawing

    75. Hitesh Dhawan

      Please interview Pewds

    76. Moosa KhalidYT

      Just realised he is from smosh

    77. Lynn Chuu


    78. Joaquin O. Resma

      this looks fake a little the dream it looks like its animated

    79. Śūńfłöwérš Âèśthētīčß

      Ok now tell us is he fat

    80. ADRIAN ADIRI Moe

      I spent a day with Technoblade I hungry for Techno content Lmao 🤣🤣😅

    81. IgKnighted

      I can relate to the pill situation dream talked about and how it affected me so overall yeah

    82. Frostbxte RLFN

      the mask is edited


      does dream know that george likes him?

    84. Frostbxte RLFN

      hes not really there

    85. Christian100 King

      What the f dream you gust tipped in chat. Could you do a face Reveal pls 🥺🥺

    86. ANDREI123

      nice screen dream

    87. G4M1C

      I miss the old anthony

    88. AbeerTheGr8

      Imagine if dreams mask fell down and editor didn't even cut it

      1. Eliverr

        Its a drawing

    89. just nothing

      but wait dream already did a face reavel

    90. Legoz890

      Why does dreams mask even blind

    91. Moe Thuta

      Did he really come to you?

    92. KovaLev

      that feeling when you are from Russia, while you do not know English well, but you still watch this video and enjoy.

      1. Maria

        @KovaLev да я русская :)

      2. KovaLev

        @Maria ты тож русский ?

      3. Maria

        what the.. did i just meet the same person as me

    93. ChungKii

      How does dreams mask moves its eyes?!?

      1. CJ

        It’s not a real mask it is animated

    94. Ayaz Er

      Faceless youtuber ahah

    95. Awais Noor


    96. MinecraftER

      The dream is fake, the face is also fake, you will see that behind the mask, his neck is animated, maybe dream was taking the interview from discord and he put the animation and put the voice there. I have no problem with this and I am not saying that this is fake, this is not good, So, just telling. DREAM IS THE BEST!

      1. itsSilvaa

        This has to be ironic

    97. EVERYTHING Playz

      1 hour = 1 min. According to the vid.!

    98. KAPARB !!!

      Fake dream

    99. Trendex On YT

      Looked so fake somehow holy mate

    100. pineapplesmotovationfoundwastaken

      @dream we all know ur next vid although was bleeped out wont come out for another week so we now are suffering