T1 vs DK Highlights Game 3 Spring Season 2021 W6D3 T1 vs DWG KIA Onivia

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    T1 vs DK Highlights Game 3 Spring Season 2021 W6D3 T1 vs DWG KIA Onivia
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    1. Mr. Nobody

      seraphine support ❤

    2. Tyler Samuels

      5:45 Clozers Qs in this fight were all over the place

    3. Natanael Caetano

      Who is these guy on video corner? lol

    4. Scawt sauce

      Clozer TP into dragon ale stun. PvE is hard.

    5. poyraz kymk

      Clozer çöp

    6. Phú Lâm Nguyễn

      best of mid lane

    7. long nguyễn

      Who the fuck is the guy on the bottom left of the screen ?? And what does he suppose to do?

    8. Hoàng Nguyễn


    9. verboncu samuel

      What is T1 doing ?!?!??! Their teams and players are Inting and tilted ?!??! Zero Worlds this year if they continue to do so !

    10. Baby Match

      DK Clozer

    11. Jhunmichael Ibanez

      Hey guys, we see clozer playing badly this series. But mistakes are normal in life. Yeah, honestly being a ryze main, this game annoys me. But take it easy on the guy. I don’t know him and i don’t really want to defend him, but I’m just trying to imagine myself in his position, I don’t like it. He’ll probably learn for this mistake, so take it easy.

    12. Colin

      I feel like he thought that ryze ult was in the bush and that DK wouldn't see it so they could rush drag... but yikes

    13. Oliver Oliver

      Closer best Ryze hahaha

    14. Introducez

      No doubt, Faker is by far better than Closer, also looks like Canna is better than Zeus. Canna's mechanics are better. Cuzz is more consistent than Oner/Elim. T1 has a great bottom lane Gumayushi is the only new player in T1 that looks great but Teddy is better lol... wow IDK what is going on with T1 but They haven't played their main/best roster this whole year!

    15. ahmed sameh

      clozer is playing soloq

    16. Knofi

      who is this guy at bottom left?

    17. Juan Celis

      Who the fuck is that guy in the bottom left corner?

    18. keke

      lol been supporting t1 since 2015... havent seen faker for quite some times, and lol clozer ulti LOL twice man

    19. NwebeLoLOCE

      Why T1 didn't pick ire or zoe as they were not banned on g3...

    20. aaa

      POG:DK clozer

    21. Tryonix


    22. Sig

      I haven't watched lck this year has faker been benched this whole time?

    23. Choy Choy

      Fucking ryze.

    24. ThanhTinhj Võ

      Clozer stupid

    25. Jeremie Malite

      Report Clozer.

    26. Tony8325788

      Straight Leroy Jenkins that Ryze Ult lmao

    27. Ice cream Flavor

      I literally feel bad for faker and clozer. Clozer is literally a 2003 liner and for the smallest to the biggest mistake and even for the things he does well he gets hate. He still is really young and I hope he is mentally okay. Like if he was in a different team he prob would have gotten less hate. Imagine being that young and getting hate for the good and bad things you do. Then, when faker is in the starting line and the team does bad they all blame it on faker. Like it’s faker out and clozer out. Like people try to think in their places. Anyways, good luck to t1 and stay strong.

    28. Hamasselbe Abdoul-Wahab

      Faker has to come back i really dont trust this closer

    29. ivan rampi

      I fucking love the faces you make lmao

    30. gamsu

      who the hell is that dude in the corner

    31. Ahmed Cool

      When your follow your rayze ult but u r closzr so sad 😂👎

    32. MKIT빈

      clozer needs ad champ.

    33. Pavel R.

      game2 Nautilus 1v9, but overall monster team diff

    34. Yusuf Hakan Akgül


    35. Vũ Quang

      What was that clozer ? An exhibition?

    36. Van Tran

      T1 giờ đánh như kiểu tấu hài

    37. AshuraGameTime

      kkoma be like "thank God I don't have 10 man roster that is absolutely hard to manage"

    38. Quim Joram Juan


    39. Kallistéi

      6:56 i know it's clozer's ult but whoever call that play deserves this loss. Man, im not high elo or somethin but if you wanna fight for soul point that is not how you do it with ryze's ult. Maybe they can get away if they get the drake first and then use ryze's ult to get away. Oh god this is just too difficult to watch holy shit. I fucking love this team that it actually hurts to see them like this.

    40. Lance Dizon

      Clozer is thinking about kda...

    41. Vyncint Her

      At this point, just bench Clozer and let the face of T1 Faker finish the end of his cinderella story even if he does good or bad. Let the man finish his damn career.

    42. Hải Kass

      Thằng noob cloze

    43. That one kid

      Showmaker being a showmaker

    44. van tam vo

      Dk closer

    45. Onyx

      put faker in, its not even about lane skill, they both do good, need better macro and decision making late game. not pinging ryze ult into back of dragon pit

    46. Çağrı Bilget

      Clozer is fcking otp zoe, he cant even play other champ.. Is it enough for lck? I dont think so

    47. Yetzi Kun

      6-6 when t1 will get serious bring back the old line up

    48. ItsmeMELLO


    49. Kevin Jumadiao

      This kids don't know when to stop

    50. Taha Akkuş

      who are these kids,where is the real t1 roster

    51. Kiki Cat

      Closer büyük bir çöpsün

    52. frog boy

      Championship winning comp Canna Cuzz Faker Either adc Keria

    53. Abir Mahmud

      yeah keep talking shit about rookie players, don't let them grow, form bonds or explore their strength or weaknesses, no wonder t1 has been below average the last three years contrast to g2 or dwg, they have shit fans and management

    54. Đấu Đế Official

      Best ryze,iq 200:))

    55. GrantGG

      Ah yes, the TSM drake for game trade. Classic.

    56. Cào

      Thay laugh at 6:55 but forget what he did at 3:03, bad too xD

    57. Jordan Mendiola

      Canna, Oner, Faker, Gumayusi, Keria This is the best roster of t1

    58. duong nguyen

      Circus T1:))

    59. Yahomboi

      T1 fans malding lmao

    60. Alexander Trolliev

      clozer is straight trash. and they need to stop with having teddy over gumayusi. teddy is massively overrated now. literally just cant do anything at all, but farm and cant even do anything against ghost who people still say isnt very good. yet ghost consistently beats the top lck adcs and even beat some of the best at worlds. clearly ghost is number 2 in Korea due to his insane good mix of consistency, mechanics, positioning and communication with his team. only ruler is better as a true hard carry


      who tf is guy at the bottom left

    62. Ryan Jeong


    63. Tammy Bolden

      Why don't they play faker, gumuyasj, oner, zues, and keria???? There best lineup by far there undefeated with this line up in series not undefeated as I mean they haven't lost games but this line up hadn't lost a series some one explain plz

    64. Hạ Nguyễn

      Clozer í the best :))

    65. kelvin delallana

      DK Clozer playing so well this series .

    66. Adri pO

      Give Rize to faker

    67. Carlos Alberto Castilla Montenegro

      Where is the All Games video?

    68. Dylan Chen

      They need Faker a veteran with experience to make calls and keep the team calm. This iteration of T1 is very solo Q which is fine against average teams.

    69. RabbitHood

      What are thes ryze ults

    70. Ronel Vincent Consular

      They should have sub closer out because in the last 2 games he is inting hard

    71. Xiazra Gaming

      btw whos that guy on the left side i thought somones doing tiktok hahaha

    72. Jefferson St.

      I see all games and consider that the rooky player have potencial, they are young even. with fews matches, they have show talent.. and whats yours opinion?

      1. Ice cream Flavor

        Thank you for your one positive comment. Literally besides Teddy the rest are 2002-2004. Like I’m pretty sure these people hating on them can not manage this when they were this age and cope with all the stress and hate that they get. Like I get the clozer did bad but like even when he does well he gets hate. What is wrong with some people and some of these people claim to be fans. A true fan sticks with their players even in their worst moments.

    73. Khánh Phan

      T1 giờ đã mất đi vị thế, chỉ còn là đội tần trung ở LCK :((

    74. Fito

      3:03 XD?

    75. Edgardo Laidan Jr

      Worst decision making for clozer...keria is the only one who tries to carry this team...clozer is not a good mid laner...for t1

    76. Jonathan Edillo

      Rather than argue who is right or wrong, I hope people can be more patient for now. Rather than hating on an individual, continue to have faith on us. -Faker 2021 Okay, but Clozer???

    77. Da Ni

      can u put ur face off?

    78. Jan Kronsteiner

      i came here for faker...

    79. Thành Nguyễn

      We faker need you

    80. Kap Kara

      where is the faker.........

    81. ....

      So no faker = win ??????

    82. tt dd

      Report clozer 😂😂😂

    83. Boni Alvarez

      When you try to flame that Ryze plays, everyone will jump and ask you " are you a Korean Challenger?". Sure I'm not, but I don't have to be a Challenger to understand what's going on, really bad plays. And I think they put this roster to try to expose/gain experience against top tier team

    84. JERRY Bryant

      New MEME for T1 Closer now. The drift King of T1------>C loser

    85. Hitalia Edward P

      Comeback faker plz

    86. Ehsan Ullah

      Clozer died early to a Viktor dude, yall hype a player too much, I see great potential in him maybe he will become a player that I will continue to watch after Faker, the League scene is not that new that a 17 yr old rookie can challenge Veterans. These veterans have 3+ years experience and have knowledge that they cant even comprehend. DWG is as good as they are because they grew steadily rather exponentially, Clozer needs to start from Academy, a clean slate.

    87. Tony Stank

      skt t1 > t1

    88. TheDeterminer

      DWG KIA Teamfight is just on another level.

    89. Gadgets

      It’s been evident for awhile that Clozer cannot play mages to a high level

    90. Hüseyin Ali ŞAHİN

      Berly is a beast

    91. sinlusingaV

      oner and keria in this game so play very bad

    92. da cc

      Lol funny how most commenters are at best gold level saying faker is better than clozer. Wake up faker is not the faker from 2013. If t1 wants to win worlds they need to retain current starting line up with maybe guma replacing teddy

      1. 魂

        Faker is still way better lol

      2. Ehsan Ullah

        Faker 2021 is not Faker 2013 but he is still better than Clozer, Clozer is basically a Chovy hunting KDA

    93. Your Dad Is Here

      T1 coaching team already gave up spring performance. They need to concentrate on one roster lol.

    94. Kevin Nguyen

      Damn. Clozer really had to change his Instagram to “I’m sorry”. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next news I hear is T1 midlander found injured from jumping off building

    95. Mr.Clark Joshua

      my hopes for t1 is just fading away like the way they lose the games

    96. jorge reyes

      No mid -.-

    97. ChunLam Cheng

      the guy in the bottom left corner is so disturbing

    98. nghia Ngo

      Clozer until ngu vv

    99. December

      faker benched for this...

    100. DarkDust

      can they just stick to faker? they dont need to switch to clozer, he is jut worse