Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY (Official Video)

Lil Nas X

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    Official video for “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

    Listen & Download “Industry Baby” out now:

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    Story By: Lil Nas X
    Director: Christian Breslauer
    Producer: Andrew Lerios
    Production Company: London Alley
    Exec Producer: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio
    Producer/ Commissioner: Saul Levitz
    Creative Director / Stylist: Hodo Musa
    Production Manager: Alex Randall
    DP: Elias Talbot
    Production Design: Alex Delgado
    Choreographer: Sean Bankhead
    Post Producer: Ivan Ovalle
    Editor: Luis Caraza
    Colorist: Matt Osborne
    FX: Cameo FX
    Acting / Movement Coach (Lil Nas X): KJ Rose
    Makeup Artist (Lil Nas X): Grace Pae
    Makeup Effects Artist (Lil Nas X): Catherine Yuki
    Makeup Effects Artist (Lil Nas X): Sasha Glasser
    Hairstylilst (Lil Nas X): Stacey Morris

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        I’m still calling you little Roblox man


        Who Cares

      4. Julia Squier

        Prison culture meets Occulture. . . Pretending going to prison and being someone's b!#&% is glamorous. Execution, Leading a whole generation astray. Hope there's time to repent. None of this is real representation of anything.

      5. Stefan Schacht

        Your album is out on 17.9

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      Lil Nas X : 16,1 M Squeezie : 16,2 M Goddddd

    13. Savonna Harper

      Why did his dancer eat Naz up😭😭, giving me life... Naz trying to give Dom but giving all Top All jokes plz don't take it seriously

    14. [MEXICANO] MX

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    15. Ab devil

      Is this a gay song ?

    16. MiticJack

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    18. ploy music and lifestyle

      Satan in real live congratulations 🙂

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    20. Alex Kirchmann

      Netflix adaptation of JoJo: Stone Ocean is pretty good, ya know.

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      I’m sorry but jack harlow would of never got a song over 100 mil with out lil nas x

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      1. Ensar Kadir YILDIZ

        @katekyo I think so

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    85. Nivla C

      As controversial as I heard it was, this is a solid music video. It's got musicality, matches the beat and everything. Insane stuff!

    86. KEEP CALM

      I puked on my phone 🤮

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