FULL MATCH - Sasha Banks, Bayley & Natalya vs. The Riott Squad: WWE Evolution 2018


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    Sasha Banks, Bayley & Natalya take on Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan in a high-octane Six-Woman Tag Team Match: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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    1. Team Free fire

      I miss you Ronda

    2. Just._.knadya Periodt

      The riot squad cheated the whole game

    3. Nay Acuña

      Hola soy. De. Argentina

    4. Conrado Estabillo

      1month ago

    5. Jacqueline Suarez

      Siempre Sasha gana la amo🥰

    6. addinatics

      Sasha is so amazing

    7. A Bb


    8. Alya Karaagaclar

      14:19 Yayyyyy

    9. Jairane Rodrigues Bastos Bastos

      alguém aqui fala português

    10. Silvio Urcuyo

      The Blue hair Sasha yass but grandma Hayley no we need huggable bayley back

    11. shiromi torayoshi


    12. Kim Venice Lagaylay

      Im sorry its ruby riott

    13. Kim Venice Lagaylay

      I love that kinda that bayley protects sasha against liv morgan

    14. فاطمه الجارودي الجارودي

      اني احضر رمزي بس فايبر


      Yo. Le. Boy. Alas. Del. Cabello. Morado

    16. Lj Harry

      They are so good to watch with matching colors of outfit, i mean sasha, natalya and bayley

    17. Tiffany Redmon

      The person who loses gets money its true

    18. ellie love baby

      Hi l love it wwe

    19. Little Princes Elsa

      Boss and Hug💖

    20. Erica and Nicole Andaman sister

      Billy shasha ang panalo

    21. Rosaura Rayo

      sasha 👍

    22. Yana

      10:44 bayley was a love ❤❤

    23. jessi mars

      i really think that Riott deserve to win this match they entertained me with her heel acting

    24. Omm Onn

      صداقه بيلي وساشا حلوه لما كانو يبو يقفزو فوق ساشا بيلي ركبت فوقها عشان تحميها💘

    25. Nar Kabuğu


    26. OnlyGodKnoezWhy-


    27. ED TAYLOR

      Love you natty, sasha, and uhmmm Bailey

    28. Keo Sokha Reach

      No why

    29. KawaiiTime_YT Gaming

      Sashas hair looks kinda triggered😂

    30. amita brown

      She had

    31. 김Kim-mattdrian prince


    32. Kayla D'onofrio

      One of the best tag team match I have seen

    33. Joe Wilson

      Hottest, sexiest, most beautiful woman EVER! I'm totally in love with Liv Morgan and I'm going to marry her someday! 👑 of all my dreams! 😍❤💯

    34. Bojana Jurisevic

      iI love Sasha Banks

    35. Matthew Clarke

      I do not like the riot squad

    36. Strawberry PaperSquish

      Who still watche WWE until 2021 like you are until watching



    38. Kurt Jaaansen

      That's why sasha and Bayley is the best tag team when they are bestfriends

    39. Jennifer Sajulga

      𝓘 𝓱𝓪𝓽𝓮 𝓻𝓲𝓸𝓽 𝓼𝓺𝓾𝓪𝓭

    40. uchiha madara

      I hate riots squad

    41. Rawni Mizo

      I like these vido

    42. Sport show Vip

      Algum brasileiro

    43. Eric Boamah

      I feel sorry for Hayley

    44. flxrainx _lifestyl

      I LOVE SASHA SM ♥️

    45. flxrainx _lifestyl

      Bailey is so strong 💪

    46. Deepak Pateriya

      Very nice Sasabank

    47. Justine's Vlog

      I mean riott squadso loeer

    48. Justine's Vlog


    49. Justine's Vlog

      Riott squad so ugly

    50. Justine's Vlog

      Go saha

    51. Ashley Hammond

      Who else loves my boo sasha lets go boss time

    52. Sahori Valentin demedicis

      I love the girl with the purple hair and I adore her.

    53. Shania Benjamin

      Wow Sasha a pro I always watch her she's the best

    54. Maite Cueva

      Bien shasa tenquiu

      1. Maite Cueva


    55. Steven Steven jimenez

      Hello Sacha Besc

    56. Jaime Bezerra

      Sasha Banks 💪👧🏻 Menina

    57. Michaela Baltazar

      Go go Natalya

    58. Lloyd Perijan


    59. naomi Santos

      this is my first time to watch wwe but my brother said that wwe is scripted. i dont know if my brother right sorry for my wrong grammar hahaha

    60. YouTube kavya Singh


    61. لجين السعد

      هههههههه اي والله 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

    62. Inathi Maqizana

      Go Sasha

    63. mr pts

      Don't worry it's winner Sasha ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    64. Country Girl

      Rioot no one likes them I love Shasha

    65. Izzy& Teay teay

      I love Sasha

      1. Izzy& Teay teay

        She’s 🔥

    66. nikka remada munda

      I really love you miss sasha.. i hope, i'll become like you someday😘😍💕

    67. Isabel Reyes


    68. Isabel Reyes


    69. TyrikTV

      liv smacked the hell out of her

    70. Daniel Benício

      The riott star trek com haruno

    71. Daniel Benício

      Harley Quinn pequena semelhança

    72. Kelli Harper

      I LOVE YOU SASHA BANKS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😁😊😇🤩 YOU ARE MY IDOL

    73. Natale D`auguanno

      perché tutta questa violenza pentitevi iddio avrà compassione

    74. ไพรสณฑ์ สายโยธา


    75. Mark Christian Bautista

      Go Sasha

    76. Unicorn Lover

      The one with pink hair reminds me of Harley Quinn when she mocked Natalia

    77. เเบม`ม คับบ


    78. Madison Pierce

      How old do you have to be?Bc I want to join

    79. Kdlfl D8odpf

      are bayley and Sasha friends and have bayley the old style?

    80. Mr.vikas Kummar

      Aree..vaa beta moj krdi🔥😁

    81. ملكةةة بيوتي

      الحمدالله فازو ٠🥰🥰🥰

    82. Anna Carriere

      Im 8

    83. আকরাম হোসেন

      Chacha Belgaum

    84. Milla Perlick

      Sasha and Bayle best friendship EVER

    85. Milla Perlick

      Voll viele Aufrufe aber so wenig likes 👁👄👁

    86. Tanja Fischer

      This is Hardcore entsoe 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    87. shivam prakash

      Beyley is great and very strong 👍👍👍

    88. shivam prakash

      Kutta log kitna bhi karle Sher se jeet nhi sakta 👍👍

    89. Brianna sinclair

      I love watching sasha banks

    90. Brianna sinclair

      I love watching sasha banks

    91. ام ريتال يحيى


    92. My chin have a mind of his own

      I miss the old Bailey

    93. Maria Monteiro

      Que feio

    94. Sariah Charley

      Yes the good girl win but bad girl didn't

    95. Meteorainne

      Watch my Animation for sasha banksss

    96. Adanur yıldırım

      Actually, things change when all the best people in the world fight together

    97. Karla Kessia

      Sasha 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    98. pau pau de pixie

      I love Bayley natalya sacha team💕

    99. Kurt Jaaansen

      This match is so goodddd

    100. كادي العنزي