Jurgen Klopp Reacts To Kabak, Davies Signings, Minamino Loan | Van Dijk Update | Press Conference

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    Jurgen Klopp's pre-match press conference ahead of Liverpool v Brighton in the Premier League in which he reacts to the deadline day signings of Ozan Kabak and Ben Davies and departure of Takumi Minamino to Southampton.
    Klopp also gives an update on the fitness of Virgil van Dijk, claiming the defender is 'not likely' to play again for Liverpool this season.
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    Produced by Kai Delaney
    00:00 - Jurgen Klopp on ‘smart’ Ben Davies
    02:35 - Jurgen Klopp on Ozan Kabak signing - “really happy”
    06:00 - Joel Matip injury ‘big, big blow’
    07:30 - Ozan Kabak & Ben Davies involved?
    09:14 - Jurgen Klopp on Brighton test
    11:04 - “Takumi Minamino loan is win, win”
    13:25 - Jurgen Klopp on Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips
    15:18 - Jurgen Klopp on why Liverpool signed Kabak and Davies
    17:00 - Jurgen Klopp pleased with Thiago adaptation
    18:30 - “Not likely” Virgil van Dijk will play again this season
    20:20 - “Minamino has to enjoy football again”
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    1. Blood Red: Liverpool FC

      00:00 - Jurgen Klopp on ‘smart’ Ben Davies 02:35 - Jurgen Klopp on Ozan Kabak signing - “really happy” 06:00 - Joel Matip injury ‘big, big blow’ 07:30 - Ozan Kabak & Ben Davies involved? 09:14 - Jurgen Klopp on Brighton test 11:04 - “Minamino loan is win, win” 13:25 - Jurgen Klopp on Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips 15:18 - Jurgen Klopp on why Liverpool signed Kabak & Davies 17:00 - Jurgen Klopp pleased with Thiago adaptation 18:30 - “Not likely” Virgil van Dijk will play again this season 20:20 - “Minamino has to enjoy football again”

      1. Goku K

        @ThatKellKell idk if it's true but I was told hes bulking abit to prevent injury in the future, not sure if it was a joke or not 😂

      2. ThatKellKell

        When Naby coming back ?

      3. Goku K

        @Lorcán Hegarty playing with the academy ig

      4. Lorcán Hegarty

        What’s happened with Kaide Gordon of Derby?

    2. Tonio O'Neill

      Klopp Out Moyes In!!

    3. Nai Shah

      Anyway klopp has become a tinkering man. Origi playing ? Nothing much that he can provide for REDS except getting lucky moments to score. Minamino & shaqiri is better options. Oh... klopp... klopp ... now u'r gonna flop.

    4. Nai Shah

      Great ,now we hv good new defenders in the team. But we still very much hv probs in attack. Obviously, we can see there's still no positive harmony due to little conflicts ever & anon. So, isn't it time to refresh with a new attacker? Young,energertic & sharp. And wise. 🙂

    5. Fg D

      Klopp brought the first epl title to anfield . So give the man chance at the new season. We be string of injuries. So as usual.klopp will change his formation to give new players chance to adapt the environment at anfield. The problem WTH epl u want the instant results like instant quaker oates and instant noodles . Boy crazy. Lucky klopp know how to avoid stress . Thank God. So klopp YNWA.

    6. John Brooks

      I am done with this club, done with football, unsubscribing, sorry lads, take care...

    7. xiang jijia

      Sounds like Taki has been unlucky not to get a proper chance. Hopefully he can get some game time at Southampton.

    8. Murphy moe

      Klopp OUT

    9. Red Kop

      One thing to say after that pile of shit display.:BOOM! WHAT WAS THIS! Fuckin clown never has a plan B.

    10. Cam N

      You can tell the Taki loan has been thought through for both the player and club. Hope to see Taki excelling in Liverpool shirt next season.

    11. Brandon Gamez2004

      Apparently Alisson is out and Salah and thiago will recieve late Fitness tests is this true?

    12. Wanizame

      Klopp is noticeably nicer about teams managed by people who have more progressive playing styles. Was Pulis ever in the Prem when Klopp arrived? I get the feeling a Klopp would have hated him.

    13. David Morris

      Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries!

    14. Alex ab

      First time I heard Klopp call Minamino 'Takumi', he always called him Taki before. Maybe nothing important, but it jumped out at me

    15. Rudi Patolla


    16. Andrew Govender

      Guys am I the only one that has to click on the 'x' on mobile youtube to close the hud on the video?

    17. Tariq Bahoussain

      Just stupid to loan out minamino. What if u get many wingers injured during remaining season then u gonna say well we play Henderson as right winger. U don’t see Man City loaning out mahrez just because he isn’t gettting games. This why Man City r top because they don’t sell players even fringe ones.

    18. C.G.M

      Everyone forgot to ask about Jota🤨🤔

    19. Mark Jackson


    20. Gérard Depardieu

      15:18 Stupid journalist's questions on tour! ;)

    21. Aj Eagles

      when asked about matip i can sware down to you klopps face says hes gone soon

    22. Ann Phoenix

      *We believe in miracles*

    23. Ivrish con-Abarth

      How Jota now? Our rough patch started quite quick after he was injured...

    24. SootyHunt

      11:11 The Normal One mug lol, class !

    25. G Camel

      Masterclass in how to be a great Manager and hugely likeable human being

    26. SennaStar

      Jurgen why does your hair colour not match your beard?..................... Good question.....Sips water

    27. Kane Pillers

      Jurgen Klopp "reacts" to his own signings. That's like me "reacting" to a cake I just made.

      1. Ogechi Ome


    28. Mr X

      Liverpool will win the league.

    29. ABE_DaKing AKO

      Tell me about Matip without mentioning his name

    30. Christy R

      Is anyone worried the Diogo Jota injury is more serious than Liverpool want to publicly admit, kinda like Thiago? Hope I’m not justified in that concern.. Would be curious to know if he’s in individual training, still in a brace, etc 😞 also what is honestly wrong with Keita😳

    31. yvonfem

      Matip and keita a pair of glass ornaments

      1. Jerome S

        Agreed. They need to re-think their career.

    32. Trevor Jones

      Poor Hideo, it will be a shame to see him and his "wide array" of questioning go.

    33. Osman Inusah

      Klopp really explained Liverpool fc situation 💪👍

    34. Doni Gjergji

      Good Enough to sign them. From now on we expect more from them. Love that.

    35. adam matthews

      Big massive shout out to Martin Edwards on these signings, a lot of clubs are laughing at us so I’m told, we now have options , they also laughed at us when we signed Robbo, good luck to the both of them, YNWA

      1. Jerome S

        Did you mean Michael Edwards? Martin might be his younger brother working behind the screens...

    36. Zyan

      I feel really bad for matip he is a very good defender sadly injuries destroying his career

    37. The Big Dog

      I'm stunned Klopp is surprised by Matip's injury. That guy is made of glass.

    38. mark capel

      minamino has to enjoy football again , well he was when we played crystal palace , had a great game , then wasnt played , players out of form like ox were put in ahead of him , hard to enjoy football when that happens to you , hope he gets good game time at the saints and shows us what he can do

    39. ZiloBalo

      "Are you well?"😭😭😆😆Klopp does not like that question. He instantly thinks something's wrong and he doesn't look well, which does make sense to be fair.

    40. andym87

      Klopp: We didn't play Minamino because he was too small. Also Klopp: *picks Shaqiri*

      1. dune goon

        Shaq plays big let's be honest. Shaq is like a 5 foot 3 muscle

      2. Maki Nishikino

        shaqiri might be short but he's not small lol

    41. FLASH SKP

      Last time we signed a schalka centre back be is good gues who is that cb

      1. YNWA 212

        Matip :) lets hope kabak is not as injury prone

    42. Mano Xipo

      Matip is a character in and around the club. Will be missed.

      1. Jerome S

        @Ben Wishart Yeah, thought that was an eulogy... 🤣

      2. Ben Wishart

        He’s not dead lol

    43. Oran Moten

      Interesting insight Taki with the height thing, adds another dimension to why we often see Shaq and Div play together, to balance height for set pieces.

      1. Sammy Boy Jnr

        @asef rahman Minamino has no future at Liverpool because of 5 main reasons: 1) He is too weak, and loses the ball continually (normally getting out-muscled) 2) He is too weak, and struggles to win back possession after he has lost it 3) He has a very tame finish 4) He has almost zero pace 5) He is now 26, and it is clear that many of the aforementioned things cannot now be added to his game So best of luck to Taki. I'm glad Klopp realises he made a mistake with him. Let's hope we can bring in a more suited striker in the summer, and let's hope Taki impresses enough at the Saints to secure a permanent move away from Anfield.

      2. asef rahman

        @Mak Vaidya I do get how it works. Strikers always miss chances. That's just a thing. Origi missed a chance why is he playing then? It's just a matter of circumstances. Taki is new to the team while Origi has had big moments so he trusts Origi more. Origi is also taller which also helps out defending set pieces. There are a bunch of reasons. It's not as simple as Taki missed a shot so he'll never play for liverpool again

      3. Mak Vaidya

        @asef rahman Ok. may be you don't get it... how it works. I respect your opinion. Peace ✌️ btw... if he scores that 2nd goal, he gets the trust of Manager as well as more chances and minutes for scoring 2 goals in a single game. He got only 6-7 minutes against Burnley after that game. Not counting Cup game against Villa as they were playing with their reserve team.

      4. asef rahman

        @Mak Vaidya No I'm not comparing them. I'm saying your reasoning is incorrect. You said Taki isn't playing because of the sitter he missed. This is just not true. There's plenty more reasons why Taki isn't playing.

      5. Mak Vaidya

        @asef rahman are you seriously kidding me Bro. The situation of Origi and Taki is different. Don't forget Origi was an absolute class for us till his injury against Everton in his early stages. And yes. Origi has gone down in pecking order recently as well. Missed an absolute sitter against Burnley but Klopp still has his trust in him because of his overall capabilities. Never forget!! Corner taken quickly.... ORIGI 😛 and are you really comparing Taki to Bobby. No offense to Taki but... I mean c'mon that's a disrespect to what Bobby is doing week in week out for last 3-4 season. I said earlier as well.. it was a combination of all his shortcomings. Every Coach has a deciding point on particular players and that was definitely the moment. How do I know? well.... anyways it doesn't matter 😉

    44. Soothe Poems

      Why professional players when they get injured they go out for so many months before they return. We backyard foodball/weekends matches and get same injured but within days we are back normal playing again lol

      1. Luke Stone

        I've never had an ACL, but if I did I know I wouldn't be rushin back to backyard, street or sunday football.

      2. YNWA 212

        it depends on the type of injury

    45. 5Andysalive

      You better hope LFC "plays different than Schalke".

    46. pickev88

      17:03 what the...hahah

    47. Romarick Romarick

      I wish the board buys Bisouma from Brighton during the summer if Gini leaves He is a proper proper player Top class

    48. CoD_ Sami

      We are great to sign both of then

    49. R G

      I do believe that Minamino wasn’t given a fair opportunity to develop. He certainly proved he has the ability at Salzburg, and that was in the Champions League, the highest level of club football! I get the impression that Tsimikas is getting the same treatment, a total lack of game time.

      1. R G

        @ThisIsArmando Hopefully you are right, time will tell 👍👍.

      2. ThisIsArmando

        Maybe their not ready for the premier league. Minamino is decent but his passing and shooting has 0 power its unbelievable also he's just so weak in general, gets taken off the ball so easily. Klopp made the right choice otherwise it could have been very embarrassing seeing this man get tackled so easily. Southampton will toughen him up, like they did with Ings and his injuries.

    50. Martin Frasier

      It's nice to see Jurgen back on form and happy again

      1. Michael Routledge

        Why are there 24 thumbs down? Mancs? They couldn't be Liverpool fans!

    51. GM KB

      This manager is best in the world.

    52. carl cullen

      Am so disappointed for miniomeno going out on loan?in my eyes he suits Liverpool to T,there's other players that could of went on loan before mino, hey who am I to say🤔

      1. Danny James

        the club r there to help other clubs also mino will develop n be back at liverpool

      2. Joel D'Souza

        @Cheap Thrills He might be weak but his work rate, dribbling and eye for passing is exceptional. I feel Southampton could give him the confidence hee needs. idk how its gonna be after the 9-0 thrashing there tonight

      3. carl cullen

        @Cheap Thrills judge him after view full games with Southampton an you will find his stats the highest in Southampton team🤔

      4. Cheap Thrills

        Minamino is very inept and he’s very weak.....Liverpool players are very strong players

      5. carl cullen

        @Joel D'Souza 👌✌

    53. Milan Thapa

      Good luck to Minamino, he has huge potential and it is a little disappointing it didn't work out for now.

    54. Mike Friend

      Klopp has done well to keep liverpool in the hunt ever since van Dijks injury. It’s certainly taken it out of him. Winning the league must seem like a lifetime ago.

    55. aidan murphy

      Some manager

    56. Alley hartley

      I think thats surely it now for matip at LFC just way to much of a risk plus simply cannot play more than 2 games which isnt good enough for where this football is at the moment. Shame I really do think he's come on since van dijk has been there, probs are 2nd best defender. but like sturridge once you have certain injuries then its hard to stop them therefore. its a shame because now van dijk has had the ACL injury he will most likely suffer alot more with injuries around the region for rest of his career, it happens way to often with players such as sturiddge, wilshere, keita, matip. virg stayed injury free practically all his LFC tenure up to press but thats one injury I wouldnt want him to get because youll be plagued for rest of career if you play so many games now. there is a reason why it use to be a career ender.

    57. PhoenizNinja

      Mane fit to play?

    58. Washington Humbasha

      Kabak and Dave is welcome to Liverpool red for danger YNWA YNWA 💖💪

    59. Washington Humbasha

      YNWA YNWA 💖💪

    60. Boy Racer

      Sold lovren kept fucking matip??? Matip is a joke not smart bizzo there jurgen YNWA

    61. Khal Sene

      Talksport journalists robbish

    62. Michael Kinrade

      Klopp wants to strangle some members of the media at times and you can't blame him. There should be a break every so often, instead of the same regimented 'boring' press conferences were you can tell he just wants to go home and put his feet up.

    63. Dávid Vakarcs

      Turn the phone vibrations off when recording the video...

    64. StuTheBru me

      when you win the prem,it seems teams batter your players,, vvd a year out..should be charges against the keeper

      1. R G

        Jordan PRICKford!!!

    65. splinter360

      So happy Jürgen swapped Gini and Thiago. It was clear as day and in the last two games has made a difference.

    66. FlowerPowerabc

      His press conferences are second to none, he's the best manager in the world by some distance.

    67. Robert Nolli

      I love klopp and lfc❣️❣️❣️

    68. Brad Bolan

      Enjoy Ben Davies Liverpool fans🙌 oh and thanks for Sepp (:

      1. Hazeem Azhar

        🤝 goodluck in the championship. hopefully its a win-win for both parties at the end of the season.

    69. Ronin Power

      Jurgen's mug lmbfao

    70. antwango

      fecking journos!! Klopp did answer the question! he answered it in the first question!! ben and kabak are ready made... fecking lazy journos are either not bothered listening or cant be bothered to come up with a new question

    71. Gareth H

      Any chance Southampton want to take origi lol😂😂😂

      1. Jerome S

        Maybe summer?

    72. Shakoor Amir

      When Klopp said Matip's ankle blew out, I felt that😥😭

    73. Sadio Mane

      Love this man!

      1. Sadio Mane

        @Sean Byrne lol

      2. Sean Byrne

        You are his best player.

    74. The Aligators

      We are so close to getting mbappe 😓😓 we need to get him in the summer

      1. antwango

        i hope we play him in defence!!!

    75. The Aligators

      Jurgen klopp has his own way and got different tactics to hurt teams . Come on Liverpool and the reds

    76. Glenn Randle

      When is Jota back?

      1. Sean Byrne

        In 4.8 minutes

    77. Tracy Alan Bridle

      Shaqiri hardly getting time on the pitch for the last 2 seasons and now Minimino out on loan probably be for good and sold which is tragic as I believe both players are amazing talented stars who really dont deserve the bench and in my opinion even though salah is doing the biz now he shows signs as does mane they have got too big for their boots as good as they may be, but it seems clear Jurgen has different views on players talents and quality which as good as klopp is he is making a huge mistake on certain individuals and i would sell Ox, Origi, Milner too with Salah being a huge sale to Barca or some other big club which would bring in vast financial bonuses. Trouble is I see us buying potential talents young new stars all the time only for them to all disappear into the reserves and off to loans or permanent placement elsewhere like Brewster and Grujic etc. Weve become a buying club with youngsters to simply sell on with a profit regardless to them suddenly improving at another club to possibly make an impact some where else like danny Ings who again never got his just rewards so as much as i love jurgen klopp i have to question his methods like selling on the young dutchman recently young center back in the making Hoever a class young talent who right now could have made a huge impact in our side as midfielders like jones and williams and co who will also be soon loaned out or sold on, wait and see ;)

      1. ThisIsArmando

        Minamino passing and shooting ability has 0 power its unbelievable and gets taken off the ball so easily. Shaqiri has also been injured quite a fair bit. Selling Milner??? have you lost your mind? he is 35 and still doing bits for Liverpool, surely he would make an excellent back up player like he is doing now, what benefit could you possibly gain out of selling Milner? you would lose vast amount of experience and leadership as well as quality. Also what is the point selling Salah only to go and buy another goal scorer who would not get anywhere near Salahs numbers? it makes no sence, I understand he is getting older but selling your top striker when it's goals you desire is asking for trouble. You say you want Liverpool to not be a selling club yet you want Liverpool to sell their best striker for money, unbelievable. Name me one player other than DANNY INGS who has improved so much after we sold them that's its literally hurting Liverpool so much?? Danny ings was injury prone at Liverpool and needed a new club under a new management in a less intensive training regime. You are right we need world class young superstars but if the team does not think Hoever is a teenage sensation who light the world up with his god like defending then he is not, simple, you gotta trust the manager and his team.

      2. Mark Simons

        Hoever sweetened the Jota deal and Danny Ings was injured constantly like Ox and keita so best to go! Or not?

    78. Silima Haji Ali


    79. Simon Page

      This man is the dogs bollox

    80. Ramon pllake

      Klopp looks tired, he need to hv 48 hrs sleep non stop.

    81. Lucy Reid

      Ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy the man that bites heads of Ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy if any 1 can ozi ozcan !!! Ynwa think this guy and davis are going to be top class for us mark my words forget the money spent big up to del boy edwards lovley jubley... ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy he bites heads of!! ozi ozcan if anyone can ozi ozcan ... ynw.. ozi ozi ozi oy oy oy

    82. MOBA Loon

      What's the name of the last journalist that asked about Minamino?

    83. mrjustcause2012

      we really need to cut our loses with matip he plays a couple of games and that him for the season as a defender hes made of glass

      1. Hazeem Azhar

        we have quite alot of injury prone players in the squad. Quality's there but I'll always consider them all as deadwoods. A slightly above average Lovren that plays 30-40 a season is a much better asset than 10-15 games Matip.

      2. Chris Tomo

        They’re working with Naby at the moment to try and overcome his injury issues. They might do the same with Matip too while he’s out. The new training centre has all sorts of stuff to help the players recover better and they also brought in that fella from Germany who Klopp rates highly. I don’t expect Matip to be injury free in the future but if his injuries where less frequent then it would be a huge improvement.

      3. YNWA 212

        Yh keita too tbh he always gets injured its a shame because they are both amazing players

      4. Labourer Eleven Media

        @mrjustcause2012 hahaha good then. If you can write my native name properly then come back here to shame me of wrong spelling. English is not everyone Language. Incase you don't know.

      5. mrjustcause2012

        @Labourer Eleven Media not smoked weed in over 20 years

    84. evilrslade

      Sounds like Taki has been unlucky not to get a proper chance. Hopefully he can get some game time at Southampton.

      1. Hazeem Azhar

        I for one sees that he has the quality. he makes good runs that creates space, a reflection of bobby sometimes. its just his physique and ball touches isnt on par w the level Liverpool demands imo. The team dont really pass to him often because hes always in super tight spaces whenever he demands the ball. I hope he puts us all wrong and maybe be the next Salah (without moving elsewhere of course)

      2. Emerson

        @mashizzubizz agreed, just didnt think he had the quality for liverpool fc, but that doesnt mean he's a bad player, just that he wasnt at the level for liverpool

      3. Emerson

        honestly speaking, Taki isnt necessarily the quality we need in order to progress from being champions to back to back champions and be winning titles, i just dont think he was good enough for liverpool fc , maybe southampton could be his level but we will, i hope for the best for him, it's a shame it didnt work out

      4. mashizzubizz

        I personally think that's the end of him. I personally not a big fan, he does a lot of running around but little else. But that's my opinion. I hope he does well and good luck to him

      5. Abdullah Dand

        i hope he becomes a beast and we call him back

    85. liverpool 96

      Any news on when jota is back?

      1. Isaac Quek

        Feb or early March

    86. Arash Ghanbari

      I never knew he has a custom mug that reads "The normal one" lol legend

      1. Keith Moss

        Wonder if he had a batch made or very same mug as 5 years ago lol

      2. Reus Krispinho

        He’s had that for a fair long time

    87. A R

      Tottenham onwards we plan to go on a win streak and possibly win the league! 🙊

    88. Robert Trebor

      how did Divock make the cut

      1. Maki Nishikino

        he's the only tall striker we have when thing gets ugly we need him like against Barcelona

      2. Sammy Boy Jnr

        His hold up play

    89. Craig hugs Hugs

      Speaking to a blind man on Saturday and he said Matip would get injured 🤕 but he said he be out for six games How wrong he was 🧐

      1. Keys

        Well, not completely wrong, clearly haha

    90. johnmiceter

      Haha, Klopp is so cool, I love him. The journalist asked the same question and Klopp looked at him like he's an idiot and said I've already answered the question, but still went ahead and answered it again just because he is a good guy.

    91. It doesn’t matter What your name is

      Greta reaction to idiot questions....are you well? Hate when journos try to creep around managers acting like they could be friends .......hi how are you, are you well.....it don’t wash you mugs. Hail mr Klopp.

    92. Loong Michael

      Takumi situation is BS. YOU, Klopp Never gave him the chance at all. Its so fucking clear. Even a blind man can see. I am fucking sure YOU will sell him at the end of the loan. REALLY BS from YOU, Klopp. He is just a poster buy for you, NOTHING else. I hope Takumi win one for Saint over Liverpool..

    93. realnesx

      The football GOD's don't want us to win the league this year. What our the the odds of all your main centre backs being out injured plus fabinhio who fills in our injured as well.

    94. Declan Farrell


    95. Kevin Borland

      Anyone know about the availability of Mane and Fabinho ? Have they trained ? are they fit for ManCity?

      1. It doesn’t matter What your name is

        To be honest listen to the interview. Klopp said himself Fabino is the only one that might be fit in one weeks time. Cheers.

      2. Kevin Borland

        @It doesn’t matter What your name is Journalists might be reading the comments since it is the Liverpool Echo you tube channel, they didn't ask directly in the press conference, but they might know more than the fans

      3. It doesn’t matter What your name is

        Like anyone will know on VIthrow lol

    96. Christopher Tolley

      He's got his own 'the normal one' mug. 🤣

      1. Jan redboyjan Temple


      2. Lexus Bradbury

        He’s been supping champion worthy beverages out of it for a while, when he retires get it in the trophy room ✌️

      3. Willam Millar

        @tushar dighe 15:21

      4. Tullio Sponzilli


      5. Teddy Picker

        Love this man 😂😂😂

    97. Sukhbir Sekhon

      Love when Jurgen pointed out that he answered that question already to a journalist.

      1. xiang jijia

        Turn the phone vibrations off when recording the video...

      2. antwango

        ! He feckking did answer the question! lazy journos not listening cant be bothered to listen but demands respect from klopp or when klopp gets angry journos look surprised

    98. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

      Eagerly awaiting the debut of both of these guys. Kabak's name on his LFC shirt has not been approved yet, which makes it even more unlikely that he'll debut tomorrow. Davies might get his first cap but I think Kabak will debut in the massive Man City clash! Up the Reds! YNWA!

      1. Hazeem Azhar

        too big of a risk to play in the next 2 games as theyre extremely crucial in our title race. play them in games that we'll easily have more possessions in is. a better route for now imo

      2. YNWA 212

        @jonathan Nah i would say Nat phillips and davies at cb then Henderson in that cdm role with thiago and gini in the midfield too

      3. Bilal Ahmed Shariff

        @jonathan You have a valid argument...

      4. jonathan

        No should be NAT and Henderson as much as I wanna see the new signings why not use what we know worked well against man city

    99. Warrior J93

      Brighton tie was a massive blow in the 1st half of the season. This time let’s beat them

      1. Bilal Ahmed Shariff


      2. Abuzafor Sulaiman

        I was crying when gross scored that pen

      3. Salah SZN

        @George- YNWA yeah

      4. George- YNWA

        It was made worse cause of the decisions against us.

    100. Catcher Rye

      Klopp - Im a great believer in giving chances. Minamino - Yeh thanks for the Southampton chance.

      1. Muhammed Ikramullah

        @Audio Medicine Music And Stories kimmich wont come to liverpool...

      2. Paul O Sullivan

        @Life is Blessed ah yeah thats what I could be mixing it up with alright cheers...YNWA

      3. Life is Blessed

        @Paul O Sullivani don't think U21 counts in european games unless they are from the UK....YNWA

      4. Social Distaan Singh

        @Roberto Beruffi agreed

      5. Audio Medicine Music And Stories

        minamino is a good guy but not really liverpool guy, doesnt defend well enough, strong enough tracking back. we need attacking players like mane and firmino who go both ways.